Victory Brooks


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Victory Brooks is the newest artist from Hollywood to shake up the pop scene.

Her striking appearance, hauntingly catchy melodies, and a genuine rebel attitude, are all key attributes of her signature style; astonishing fans, both inside and outside the industry.

Her diverse musical history adds many facets to the diamond that is her brand of pop music today. From Moscow Russia, Victory Brooks moved to California in 2018 to pursue her dreams in music.
Victory’s upcoming single ‘Love Me Hard Before You Go’ is available on all streaming platforms on July 3rd 2020.

Love Me Hard Before You Go» is the newest single by the upcoming pop sensation Victory Brooks. The Los Angeles-based artist and songwriter shares her personal story of a heartbreak in the new awaited single.

Produced by Drew Louis, the song is a vibrant and singular melting pot of dark pop and low-key hip hop. Originally noticed as an accomplished rock guitarist, Victory surprises her fans with the new sound, vision, and unapologetic truth behind the lyrics.
‘If you wanna know me better than most – listen to this song.’ -says Victory Brooks.

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