The Nightmares


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The Nightmares are a four-piece band based in Newport (Wales, UK). The band formed in late 2018 and is made up of Adam Parslow (Vocals & Guitar), Eleanor Coburn (Keys & Vocals), James Mattock (Drums & Vocals) & Benjamin T. Mainwaring (Bass). They released their debut self-titled EP early the following year and completed two UK tours with firstly, Holding Absence and then Tiger Army to see out the year.
‘The Falling Dream’ is the new single from the band and the first release from the ‘Noir Pop’ quartet in 2020. It is also their first single through Cardiff (Wales, UK) based Stereo Brain Records.

“On the surface, ‘The Falling Dream’ is a song based on a recurring nightmare I experienced in which I was falling deeper and deeper into the darkness and unable to wake up…” says Adam Parslow
But delve a little deeper, and the true essence of the song is revealed. “This is a song about searching for yourself, taking risks and finding your purpose in this world.”
‘The Falling Dream’ is available now everywhere you stream music through Stereo Brain Records.

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