The Kentucky Vampires


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The Kentucky Vampires is a collaborative effort whose creations began in Louisville Kentucky.

Though originally considered a deathrock band at its core, The Kentucky Vampires have grown into a pure Gothic rock band. the band in 2019 signed on with Secret Sin Records LTD for the release of their first full-length self-titled album on vinyl.

Originally formed by Zac Campbell (Guitars, Drums, Synths/keys, and bass), and vocalist Albie Mason (Scary Black). Early at the beginning of the band Albie decided to step down and depart the band to pursue other music projects.

Abbas Marler then stepped up from live bass and fronted the band as lead vocalist. Soon after the band released their first EP “Blood Lust” in 2017, followed by their first full length self titled album in 2018.  

In early 2019 Zac and Abbas moved to different parts of the country and began working on new material over the internet. During the writing process, Motuvious Rex was added as a permanent bassist and contributed to writing the new material.

In November 2019 the band released their second EP “Blood and Tears” exhibiting a move from the bands’ original deathrock style to a more modern take on traditional Gothic Rock. With heavy praise from fans and DJs, the band began to become more widely known. In early 2020 the band released its sophomore album “Crimson Curse” which went on to be a success for the band creating a lot of buzz and rave reviews, The album also on released reached the top of Bandcamp’s Gothic Rock, and Deathrock charts. Currently, the band is hard at work on their next release and have added Thom Warnock on drums.

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