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Poison Garden  released its first self-produced single “Days Of Steam” on March 2013 and played tirelessly from December 2013 on throughout the World, including at the world’s biggest Steampunk event, the “Steampunk World’s Fair” based in New York. After 4 years of live shows, they released their debut album “A Victorian Carol” for Trisol Music Group on 28th February 2017, defining the canons of Steampunk music in Europe.

The album’s promotion leads Poison Garden on the most renowned European magazines (Orkus Mag DE, Metal Hammer IT, DE, Bunker Russia, Rockerilla IT, Rumore IT). They reach the attention of press agencies such as ANSA and ASKNEWS (biggest press agencies in Italy) that dedicate them to video interviews included in hundreds of TV and web broadcasts.

Poison Garden’s music can be defined as follows: “What a gramophone would have played if rock was born two centuries ago; a modern sound sunk in the noise of an alternative past.” Their second LP, produced by Stevie Salas ( Rod Stewart, Mick Jagger, Justin Timberlake etc …) and mixed by Tim Palmer (U2, Robert Plant, Pearl Jam etc …), and called ARMY OF DREAMERS is a concept album about fighting for your own dreams. 

The album will be released in 2021 and it represents a turn into a more mainstream market with catchy and “easy-listening” songs, not renouncing to a refined taste in the arrangements. It’s a mix between the latest tastes in modern Pop/Rock and the grotesque atmospheres typical of Tim Burton’s movies.

Everything will be enriched by soundscapes such as environment noises (for example the smoke puffs of steam-powered trains or the classic vinyl scratch or the sound of factories) used as narrative tools that lead the listener in the fantasy atmospheres told in the songs.

This narrative aspect is also the focal point of Poison Garden’s concerts. On stage the band play the role of all the fighters of this grotesque army (Army of Dreamers) that gives the title to the album, in a show that can be defined as a hybrid between circus, theater and a rock concert, with costumes, special effects and narrative elements capable of providing the audience with a truly magical experience.

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