Phantom High


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Dead bodies acting like people, we’re the possessed, a sound, a society

When a roving band of glam-core horror enthusiasts hunt down Trent Reznor on Purge Night and pull his guts out through his nose with a rusty fishhook, they’ll be listening to Phantom High.

Hailing from Toronto and flaunting a deep personal relationship with the pageantry of the macabre, Phantom High is already making their mark on a scene that too often leaves the “fun” out of “dysfunction”.
The band has launched with a mission statement to bring authenticity, conviction and theatrics back to a genre that centers on navel-gazing and nihilism.
The roots of their inspiration are easy to see for veterans of the golden days of goth and glam, drawing energy as much from horror in film, anime and literature as from the music genres that inform their hard-hitting live show.

Come experience the grim grind at EP and tickets available.

Phantom High is:
Peril Erinyes – vocals
Seven Six – guitar
Vicky Blue – bass
JD13 – drums

Find Phantom High’s latest at

Instagram : @phantomhigh666

Bandcamp :

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