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Lyria is a Symphonic Alternative Metal band from Rio de Janeiro, idealized by vocalist and composer Aline Happ in 2012. With a mix of different aspects inside and outside Heavy Metal, Lyria managed to develop a strong and authentic sound, with great emphasis on beautiful vocals, powerful riffs and striking choruses. With only eight years on the road, the band is considered one of the great names of the new generation of metal, with a growing fan base around the world, mainly in Brazil, the United States and Europe.

Having overcoming messages in their essence, Lyria believes that music has the power to help people. Following this line, the band released their first album, Catharsis, in September 2014, which raised more than $ 8,000 in a crowdfunding campaign that featured fans from around the world.

The second album, Immersion, released in April 2018, maintains the same theme, addressing issues such as autism, anxiety and depression. The album also featured a crowdfunding campaign that raised more than $ 13,000. The first working song, “Hard to Believe”, already exceeds 200 thousand views on Youtube.


Watch “Hard to Believe”

In late 2018, Lyria released a clip for the track “Let Me Be Me”, recorded on the roof of a building in downtown Rio. The video is dedicated to the memory of Élan Botkin, fan and founder of the fan club “Lyria Army ”, Who had the song as his favorite. The video currently accumulates more than 500 thousand views.


Watch “Let Me Be Me”

One of the band’s hits, the song “The Rain” won a clip, inspired by the story of an Australian fan, diagnosed on the autism spectrum, the song talks about overcoming and about love. The clip shows a series of “easter eggs” related to the disorder, as a way to draw attention to the cause. The clip reached more than 20 thousand views on YouTube in less than a week.


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Accept the past to live the future. It is from this premise that comes the story of “Last Forever”, the most recent music video by Lyria. In the lyrics of “Last Forever”, the message is to overcome regrets and live a lighter life. The clip currently has more than 230,000 views.


Watch “Last Forever”

Lyria’s most recent clip is “Run to You”, recorded in a forest during a tour in the south of Brazil. Amid the beauty of nature, the song that talks about finding strength in overcoming obstacles, the support to move forward. The video, released less than 1 month ago, already has 70 thousand views.

Lyria has performed several shows in many Brazilian cities such as Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Minas Gerais and Curitiba including festivals and international openings. In addition, he was one of the pioneers in the modality of online shows streamed directly from a studio, with ticket sales for fans across the globe. Very active on social networks, currently Lyria has more than 90 thousand fans only on Facebook, where Jester’s video has almost 3 million views and over 22 thousand shares.



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