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Die So Fluid are an English hard rock band that formed in London, England in 2000. The group consists of 3 members, songwriter Grog (vocals, bass), Drew Richards (guitar), and Al Fletcher (drums, backing vocals). They have released 5 full-length albums, Spawn of Dysfunction and Not Everybody Gets a Happy Ending. The third album, The World Is Too Big For One Lifetime, was released in the UK in June 2010.

The band announced on their website in 2016 that a new album One Bullet From Paradise would be released in 2017. They also shared an early version of the song ‘Born to Kill’ from the upcoming album. ‘Bittersweet’, the first single from One Bullet from Paradise was released on 7 April alongside the video, Do You Dare, with Justin Bennet (skinny puppy) on drums.


Die So Fluid were formed after the disbanding of Feline & Ultraviolet. When EMI dropped Feline in 1999, they went on to form Ultraviolet adding Al Fletcher as the full time drummer. Ultraviolet released a single and an EP on Sanctuary Records Group and disbanded shortly thereafter.

Drew: ” When we did Ultraviolet it was basically Feline under a different name because we got dropped by the record company and we wanted to do another deal. Then we realised that ploy, that cynical ploy was not going to pay off and we thought, right we want to do the music that we want to do now and that meant kicking out the other guitar player who wasn’t really into that sort of music, and making a deliberate decision not to sort of kiss up to anyone in the business anymore and to start doing everything for ourselves. “

Operation Hypocrite EP, Spawn Of Dysfunction (2000-2005):

Die So Fluid first surfaced in 2000, touring the United Kingdom after the release of their debut Operation Hypocrite EP, on Raw Power, an imprint of Sanctuary. Die So Fluid released one single on Sanctuary following the EP before forming their own label, Cartesian. Once Cartesian was established Die So Fluid released one single before releasing their debut album, Spawn of Dysfunction, the following year. The recording of the album was financed by Grog’s session work as live bassist for Melanie Chisholm and Kelly Osbourne. Whilst Grog was away on tour ‘fund-raising’ Al Fletcher performed drums on various recording sessions including Lee “Scratch” Perry’s Jamaican E.T. which won the 2003 Grammy Award for ‘Best reggae Album’. Drew Richards spent this time writing and producing the original score for the documentary feature film The Mindscape of Alan Moore. Spawn of Dysfunction was universally well received and is still selling through the major chains of the UK and iTunes worldwide. After the album was released, the band went on an intense touring schedule, supporting bands like Drowning Pool, Vex Red, Clawfinger, Boy Hits Car, Feeder, Girlschool, AntiProduct, & The Wildhearts.

Not Everybody Gets A Happy Ending (2005-2009):

The recording sessions for their second album, Not Everybody Gets a Happy Ending, started in 2005, but were not finished until 2007 due to financial restrictions. The title was taken from the notion that the album may never be completed. At the 13th hour investment from a private individual, who has remained the band’s patron ever since, made finishing the record possible. The band decided to release the album on Parole Records, based in Finland, keeping the release independent. Two digital singles were released from 2007 – 2008 in support of the album Happy Halloween and Existential Baby. When the album was released in February 2008, it immediately entered the retail sales charts. Known for their diligent touring, Die So Fluid engaged in another massive tour, appearing in nearly 20 different countries in 2009. Apart from headlining some festivals, Die So Fluid toured with bands like Eisbrecher, Mindless Self Indulgence, My Ruin, Ill Niño, Maj Karma, & Prong.

The World Is Too Big For One Lifetime (2010-2011):

The World Is Too Big for One Lifetime was released in June 2010 on the Global Music DR2 label. As with previous releases it received very strong reviews from the alternative press whilst mostly slipping under the radar of the mainstream media. The album has kept a steady presence in specialist sales charts, such as Amazon’s alternative metal chart, and in a diverse selection of territories thanks mainly to consistent touring, word of mouth and support from the alternative press and webzines. They have also proven themselves to be very adept at crossing over to quite different music audiences whether it be the goths of the Wave-Gotik-Treffen or the classic rock fans of Hard Rock Hell or the indie pop fans when supporting Mindless Self Indulgence. Two singles were drawn from The World Is Too Big for One Lifetime – Mercury and What a heart is for. The singles were available for download only and accompanied by videos shot by director David Kenny.

The Opposites Of Light (2012):

This is the working title for the forthcoming album. Writing and pre-production has been completed, albeit mostly by email as Grog has relocated to Hollywood. The band are currently rehearsing the material for an imminent studio session.

Band members :

Georgina ‘Grog’ Lisee -lead vocals, bass (2000-present),

Drew Richards -lead guitar (2000-present),

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