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COBRA SPELL is a European/USA Heavy Rock band influenced by the Golden Era sound of the 80’s. Formed in the Summer of 2019 by promising, young up-and-coming guitarists Sonia Anubis (CRYPTA / Ex-BURNING WITCHES) and Sebastian ‘Spyder’ Silva (IDLE HANDS/SILVER TALON/ Ex-SPELLCASTER), anxiously wanting to start a band together, their dreams were only driven further when the guitar duo met ALICE COOPER and he advised them to follow their dreams of making music together.

Cobra Spell was born. Capturing the sound and attitude that conquered the Sunset Strip, the international quintet showcases their debut EP titled ‘Love Venom’. The group’s four songs paint a glistening image of night-life fun, reckless lust, and sleazy love. ‘Love Venom’ is an EP driven with many dual shred guitar parts, hook infused vocals, and thunder-like rhythm sections. To complete the line-up, Sonia and Sebastian set out to surround themselves with top-act, talented musicians with a burning desire for over-the-top on-stage antics and unique style to match.

Alexx Panza (HITTEN/JACK STARR’s BURNING STARR) takes command of the scene with his powerful, reverberating vocals. Angelina Vehera lays a steady, rockin’ foundation with her earth-shattering, rumbling bass. Mike ‘Lucas’ Verhof keeps the backbone of the songs with his machine-gun drumming precision.

Cobra Spell is armed and ready to take on the stage, with a hunger to put on a show that will leave audiences around the globe speechless and wanting more. 

LOVE VENOM EP RELEASE NOTES All song writing, song arrangements & production by Sonia Anubis. All lyrics by Sebastian ‘Spyder’ Silva & Sonia Anubis. Edited, mixed and mastered by Alejandro Gabasa Barcoj. Cover artwork by Velio Josto.Released independently. 

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