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Journey into the mind, flashes of Light and Darkness, hidden desires, path between the tarot cards to discover human spirituality, dreams, and thirst for knowledge about Life, Death, and Emotions.
The Blut project, born primary as a free artistic expression of Alessandro Schumperlin, brings original music and without limits of the instrumental and vocal genre.

The first album “Inside my mind part I” is a journey through the lesser-known mental illness in the
world that develops on varied sounds, each song has its own different musical cue, from the
enigmatic “How can I kill her?”, to “Alice”‘s dreamy atmospheres, the pop experiment of “Forget
Paris”, the metal sound of “Where are they?”. There also an italian song “La via di cappuccetto”, a
post punk experiment.
The structures of “Inside my mind part II”take up the ideas of the first work but is more defined and
more accompanied by electronics.
We find arabesque sounds from “Jerusalem calls me”, a german waltz tempo for “Sigmund Freud
ist mein Nachbar”, more martial tones for “Ekbom”, a look at the cinema for “Folly of two”.
The New Album “Hermeneutics” is the home of the 22 Major Arcana, each song is a tarot, each of
them is the manifestation of the will of each card, what it grants and determines in our existence.

The two male and female voices interpretet each card as a character on the varied and surprising
stage that is Life.
The Album was written during the spring and summer of 2018, than re arranged in between the end
of 2018 and first four month of 2019. Was recorded in the Summer of 2019. Mix and master were
made it in Real Sound Studio by Roberto Gramegna and Ettore Franco Gilardoni (Time machine,
Marky Ramones, André Matos, The Shaman, Abighor, Latte+,Giorgio Gaber, Dj Ringo, Siberia,
Eddy Antonini, Skylark, the Crooks, Thee STP, Primadonna and many more).
Inside the album we have a special guest Emanuele “Lele” Laghi (Drakkar and Crimson Dawn) for
the track “XV The Devil”.
The cover was drawned by Giulio Rincione (Dylan Dog, Sergio Bonelli editore, Shockdom, Disney
and many more).

Blut brings on stage a show where the theatrical component is very strong, the bodily performance
of the two singers and the actorial actions are the masters in order to transmit the intrinsic emotions
to the maximum in each song, each of these in fact has its own scene performed by the tow singer-
actors Alessandro Schumperlin and Chiara Manese, while Stefano Corona’s synth and Marco
Borghi’s guitars create the musical “magic”. Now Antonino Sidoti join the band and Marco leave us
in a friendly way .
Basically, It’s impossible to define Blut.

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